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How to INCREASE Your Satisfaction in Life

Satisfaction is a beautiful thing, but so is dissatisfaction if we pay attention to it, because it will lead us to satisfaction.

How satisfied are you with your personal life? Give yourself a score between one and ten in your mind. Now let’s look at your professional life. How satisfied are you with your professional life? Give yourself a score between one and ten.

Now add the scores together and divide by two, and that is your satisfaction score. If you gave yourself a score of 7 for personal satisfaction and 5 for professional satisfaction, your overall satisfaction score is 6.

Get yourself a notebook and give yourself a score once a week for personal satisfaction, professional satisfaction, and overall satisfaction.

What will happen? First, you will become more satisfied in both areas of your life. Just measuring your satisfaction will drive greater intentionality and that will give birth to greater satisfaction. The other thing that will happen is, you will be aware when your satisfaction begins to drop, and you will know what is causing it.

We all want to live deeply satisfying lives. The first step is to measure our current satisfaction. The second step is to do things that drive greater satisfaction in our lives. The third step is to be aware of when dissatisfaction is creeping into our lives so that we can address it quickly, rather than letting it fester.

What’s your satisfaction score?

Matthew Kelly

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