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If You Could Ask God For Anything

If you could ask God for anything, what would you choose?  The disciples traveled with Jesus for three years, witnessing him teach and heal, conversing with him as they walked along the dusty roads of Galilee. People were always trying to get close to Jesus to ask him for favors, but the disciples were right there—they could have asked for anything they wanted at any time. What did they ask for? They asked Jesus to teach them to pray.  They had seen Jesus go to quiet places to pray. We read about him going to a place set apart from everyone and everything else many times in the Gospels. It was clearly a habit for Jesus. The need and desire for prayer is universal. Often we are unaware of our deepest needs and desires. Sometimes we need things and don’t know we need them. Sometimes we yearn for things but do not know exactly what we are yearning for. The men and women of every era yearn for connection and relationship with God, because we were made for that. Birds were made to fly, fish were made to swim, and human beings were made to love God and each other.  “Teach us to pray” is the spoken and unspoken desire of every person, in every place and time. It reflects a desire for wisdom, which in turn reflects a desire to learn how to love and discover the best way to live.

Matthew Kelly

From I Heard God Laugh

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