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Knowledge is Power in Business

Many leaders get nervous when I talk about sharing the plan below the team leader level. I get it. And I agree and disagree depending upon the situation. First, there is at least some summary of the Strategic Plan that should be shared with every member of the organization. In fact, if you want to get ingenious, share a copy of that summary with all your key partners, so they know what you are trying to accomplish and can help you. It will probably be the first time a supplier has had a customer give them a summary of their Strategic Plan and said, “Help us make this happen!” Why have your key external partners wandering around in the dark? Why share the plan so widely? Scientia potential est is a Latin saying attributed to Sir Francis Bacon meaning “Knowledge is power.” When it comes to sharing a Strategic Plan (or key elements of it) far and wide, knowledge is empowerment. Knowledge of the plan gives people the clarity necessary to make solid decisions. Solid decisions lead to more mission-centric work, which is always going to be more effective and efficient. All of these factors lead to higher employee engagement and increased morale and profits, which lead to increased compensation and benefits, and in turn, to everything each leader should want for the organization. If you don’t tell your team where you are going, they can’t help you get there. But tell them what you need, tell them where you are going, explain to them what you are trying to achieve—and that’s when you discover what kind of team members they are.

Matthew Kelly

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