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Listen to Music

Music is one of the most amazing gifts life has to offer. A day without music is a day… I cannot even finish the sentence, for I cannot imagine. And while we may be tempted to dismiss a day without music as being easy to accomplish or of little consequence, this is only because we forget that music is everywhere.

Welcome back to Best Christmas Ever! Where we are exploring 28 Ways to Make this Your Best Christmas Ever!

Yes, music is everywhere, and because it is everywhere we have come to take it for granted. On elevators and in waiting rooms, at the supermarket and in restaurants, music is everywhere. But are we listening, or is it just blocking out other noise. I fear the latter, and what a soulless use of music that is.

#15 is… Listen to Music.

When was the last time you sat down and did nothing else but listen to music?

Take some time today simply to listen to music. Choose a song or an album. Let Mozart speak to you about the range of human experience or allow your favorite Christmas music to transport you to experience the mysteries of the divine intervention we call Christmas.

Find a quiet place, quiet your heart and mind, and listen to the music with new ears. Listen to the music as if you had never heard music before. Listen to the music as if you had been denied music for twenty years.

Learning to listen to music again will make your soul dance for joy.

Matthew Kelly

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