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One Moment At A Time

The thing I love most about moments is that moments are

manageable. I can manage a moment. Days, weeks, months, and

years seem like eternities sometimes. If I tell myself I’m not going

to eat any chocolate for a month, I begin to obsess over it. But

if, when the cravings for chocolate begin to speak to me, I tell myself,

Not right now, I can handle that. In this way moments play a

powerful role in teaching us how to make and celebrate progress.

The other wonderful thing about moments is that they provide

glimpses of the-best-version-of-ourselves. There are moments

in each day that I can look back on and honestly say, “For that moment

I was perfectly myself.” Not many, but some. In those moments I know I could not have handled myself any better. The more I acknowledge and celebrate those moments, and the more I seek to understand what allowed me to thrive in those moments, the more I find myself repeating them. Matthew Kelly

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