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Question #3: Are You Dissatisfied?

Welcome back to 21 questions that will change your life.

Question #3 is about dissatisfaction. Most people think of dissatisfaction as a bad thing, but often it is just a messenger coming to deliver a message. And that message… well it might be “get your act together”, it might be “it’s time for a change”, it might be “stop procrastinating, you know what you need to do.”

Question #3: What are you dissatisfied with? And if a friend described your situation to you and asked for advice, how would you advise him/her?

Your dissatisfaction may be caused by something large or small and to some extent it doesn’t matter what is causing your dissatisfaction. What matters is how you respond to that dissatisfaction.

Your dissatisfaction is an invitation to change, to grow, to wake up. Will you accept the invitation? Now, that’s the question.

Matthew Kelly

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