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There Is Only One You

There is only one you. It may sound a little absurd, but it is true. Most people spend their whole lives running away from themselves or hiding themselves from others. I believe that life should be a process of self-revelation. As we live, we reveal ourselves to the

people we love and to the people who cross our path as we make our journey. We can put up barriers and put on masks, or we can let people see us as we really are.

What concerns us about the latter is that others might see our faults. In our concern, we forget that we all have faults. The people who are able to love and admire us have faults and flaws. The people who criticize and express anger and hatred toward us have flaws

and failings. As human beings, one of our common bonds is our brokenness. It is a great wisdom to be able to see yourself in other people. It is this insight that empowers us to love everyone, everywhere at all times, and in all circumstances.

We all want to be loved and accepted. The danger that emerges from this desire is that we may fall into the trap of doing or saying things just to please others. Each time we walk this path, we abandon a portion of our self. There is a part of each of us that is weak

and can be bought. There is also a part of each of us that is strong and cannot be bought at any price. Ignore the former and nurture the latter. But most of all, befriend that part of you that cannot be bought at any price, because it will tell you who you are.

In truth, nobody is loved by everybody. Even the greatest men and women in history have critics. Even people who have dedicated themselves and their lives selflessly to assist others have critics and detractors. You are no different. Some people are going to

like you, some people are going to love you, some people are not going to like you at all, and some people may even despise you. You might as well be yourself. That way, at least you will know that the people who like you, like you for who you truly are.

Matthew Kelly

From The Rhythm of Life

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