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Speaking From Suffering

"When we think about the people who have given us hope and have increased the strength of our soul, we might discover that they were not advice givers, warners, or moralists, but the few who were able to articulate in words and ations the human condition in which we participate… Not because of any solution they offered but because of the courage to enter so deeply into human suffering and speak from there. Neither Kirkegaard nor Satre nor Camus nor Hammarskjold nor Solzhenitsyn has offered solutions, but many who read their words find new strength to pursue their own personal search. Those who do not run away from our pains but touch them with compassion bring healing and new strength… In our solution-oriented world it is more important than ever to realize that wanting to alleviate pain without sharing it is like wanting to save a child from a burning house without the risk of being hurt."

Henri Nouwen

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