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The #1 Thing I Want for My Children at School

Sometimes modern education seems like a form of brutality. To educate children requires strength, but it also requires a gentleness. Their little souls need to be handled with care. We are all different, we all develop at different speeds, and we all have different gifts. When we try to force all children into the same mold it bruises their little spirits and often kills their love of learning.

When we go for parent-teacher conferences there is one thing I always share with our children’s teachers, “Our number one priority is fostering their love of learning. As parents we want to collaborate with you (the teachers) in that great mission.”

To love learning is a thing a of beauty, a great gift, something to marvel at. If a child loses his or her love of learning it is so difficult to help them get it back.

I really don’t care if my child is first in the class or last in the class. I am more interested in helping them to develop a love of learning. If they love learning, I believe they will learn every day for the rest of their lives, and they will live rich and full lives.

Love of learning is a quintessential life skill. If you have lost it, it times to reclaim it.

Matthew Kelly

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