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The Best Way To Discover Who You Are

Who are you? In many different ways, people try to discover who they truly are as individuals. Some go off into the mountains, some travel to distant lands, others go to monasteries and convents, some walk up and down the beach early each morning, and still others seek to discover themselves through writing or music. I have even heard people use “finding themselves” as an excuse for leaving their husband or wife. You may try any path you wish. You may try to find yourself in a thousand different ways, but in a wonderfully profound and mysterious way, it is only through self- donation—giving ourselves to others—that we discover our true self. There is no greater gift than the sincere gift of self. It is the essence of relationship and life. It is not something that I completely understand, nor is it something I can clearly and definitively explain. But at the times in my life when I have been able to summon the strength of character it takes to give of my time, energy, and resources to make a difference in other people’s lives— I have experienced an unquenchable sense of fulfillment and happiness. Matthew Kelly

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