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The Cure for Overwhelmed

If you feel overwhelmed, overcommitted, or overworked, essentialism is the cure for you. Greg McKeown calls essentialism “the disciplined pursuit of less.” It’s about setting aside the trivial many, so that you can embrace and enjoy the vital few.

Have you ever considered that you might be happier if… you had less material possessions; didn’t say yes to so many commitments; spent more time with fewer people; and had some whitespace on your calendar to be spontaneous. If so, essentialism is for you.

It’s time to stop letting other people hijack your schedule. It’s time to stop obsessing about productivity all the time. It’s time to stop watching one season change into another while you wonder, “Where did the time go?”

Say no to the trivial many and focus on the vital few. Become an essentialist. It is the cure for the insanity of our modern lives.

Matthew Kelly

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