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The Difference Between an Essentialist and a Non-Essentialist

Are you an essentialist? Maybe you are, maybe you’re not, and maybe you’re not sure. So, let’s take a look at the difference between and essentialist and a non-essentialist.

The non-essentialist rushes around trying to be all things to all people. The essentialist tries to be a great friend to a few people. The non-essentialist engages in the undisciplined pursuit of more. The essentialist engages in the disciplined pursuit of less. The non-essentialist is never satisfied. The essentialist has taken the time to explore what will deliver contentment.

The non-essentialist thinks, “I have to.” The essentialist thinks, “I choose to.”

The non-essentialist thinks, “It’s all important.” The essentialist thinks, “Only a few things really matter.”

The non-essentialist is constantly reacting to what’s urgent. The essentialist focuses on what’s important.

The non-essentialist says yes without really think about it. The essentialist says no to everything except what is essential.

The non-essentialist takes on too much and does nothing well. The essentialist does less and delivers excellence.

The non-essentialist’s life feels out of control. The essentialist’s life feels measured and manageable.

The non-essentialist feels constantly overwhelmed and exhausted. The essentialist has learned to enjoy the journey.

Matthew Kelly

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