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The Essence of Life

We hurry about our daily lives, busying ourselves with a million things, and in the midst of all this it is easy to overlook what matters most. Love is the pinnacle of the human experience. The giving and receiving of love is the highest calling of the human person. At first it may seem that the giving of love is the difficult part, but for many of us, opening our hearts to receive the love of others can be the greater challenge.

We should busy ourselves with giving and receiving love. And as we can only control the giving, and not the receiving, we should order our lives so that we are preoccupied with giving love wherever we go and to whomever we meet.

Certainly we have to work and pay our bills and study and pass our exams. All these things we do in order to survive, but love is what we survive for.

Love is what life is really all about.

Life is not about what sort of shoes you wear. Life isn’t about whether or not you live on the right street, or whether you live in a big, fancy house. Life’s not about what sort of car you drive. It’s not about what football team you cheer for, or whether your football team wins, or whether you made the football team, or might make the football team, or what position you played on the football team. Life’s not about what college you went to, or might go to, or what college your kids go to. Life’s not about these things.

Life’s not about money. It’s not about what sort of position or what sort of power you have. It’s not about whether you’re famous. It’s not about whether or not you vacation in all the right places every year. Life’s not about the labels on the clothes you wear. Life is not about these things.

Life’s not about who you’ve dated or who you’re dating. Life’s not about who you know or who your parents are. And it’s not even about the grades you get in school, what company you work for, or what your job is. Life is simply not about these things.

Life is about love. It’s about who you love and who you hurt. Life’s about how you love yourself and how you hurt yourself. Life’s about how you love and hurt the people close to you, and it’s about how you love and hurt the people who cross your path for just a moment, unexpectedly, one rainy afternoon.

Life is about love.

Matthew Kelly

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