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The Happiness Cure – From the Desk of Matthew Kelly

From the Desk of Matthew Kelly

Merry Christmas! In the spirit of the Holy Family and the birth of Jesus, this week’s inspiration is specially crafted to help you find great relationships and lasting happiness. DO YOU WANT REAL INTIMACY? Have you LOST THE PRESENCE OF GOD in your life? 13 SIMPLE PLEASURES to REFRESH YOUR SOUL. The GENEROSITY HABIT. THE HAPPINESS CURE.

Here is my Christmas Message if you missed it…

1. Do you want to be happy? Try THE HAPPINESS CURE.

4. Sex is not intimacy. DO YOU WANT REAL INTIMACY?

5. Nine Words that Will Change Your Life.

6. The Generosity Habit. Can ONE HABIT change the world?

“Human beings yearn above all else for intimacy. We desire happiness, and sometimes we confuse this desire for happiness with a desire for pleasure and possessions. But once we have experienced the pleasure or attained the possessions, we are still left wanting. Wanting what? Intimacy. Our desire for happiness is ultimately a desire for intimacy.” From The Seven Levels of Intimacy

Have a great week!


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Matthew Kelly is a New York Times Bestselling author, spiritual leader, entrepreneur, and thought leader. Check out his blog, Amazing Possibilities.



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