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The Missing Piece Of Our Lives

Trying to put together a jigsaw puzzle without an important piece is incredibly frustrating. That is the story of millions of people’s lives. Day after day they are frustrated, but they don’t realize they are missing a piece. They drive themselves crazy trying to put the puzzle of their own lives together without that critical piece. The essential piece most people are missing is a vibrant spirituality. You’re a human being, a delicate composition of body and soul, mysteriously linked by the will and the intellect. The important word here is soul. You have a soul. It is literally your life force. When it leaves your body, you die. It’s time to start paying more attention to your soul. Think about these four aspects of the human person: body, soul, will, intellect. We are obsessed with three of them: body, will, and intellect. We pamper our bodies, vigorously defend our right to decide the path we walk, and celebrate our individual and collective intellectual accomplishments. Yet, we often ignore the most important, soul. Have you been taking care of your soul? Rate yourself between one and ten. Most of us neglect the soul in favor of the body. The body is constantly barking orders at us: Feed me, wash me, clothe me, pleasure me, feed me again, and so on. The body makes a continuous stream of demands upon us. The soul, on the other hand, is quiet and faithful. When the soul is hungry, our stomach doesn’t rumble and growl. But it is important to feed our soul each day. Yes, each day. How many days has it been since you intentionally fed your soul? You are a spiritual being having a physical experience in this world. You have a soul. Feeding your soul is the missing piece of the puzzle. There is no better time than right now to nurture your inner life, discover your spiritual needs, and feed your soul. Matthew Kelly

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