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The Six Second Kiss Theory

Do you want to improve your relationship? How much time are you willing to invest to improve it? If six seconds could transform your relationship, would you be willing?

What you need is the six second kiss. Kiss your partner for six seconds. Six seconds is longer than you think and most kisses last less than one second. One second is long enough for a passing connection and that’s what most couples have – a passing connection.

The six second kiss… reduces stress by reducing the stress hormone cortisol, increases enthusiasm for life by releasing the love hormone oxytocin, builds an intentional bond between you and your partner, it’s an exercise in mindfulness, and creates a ritual connection. Couples that kiss for longer are healthier, happier, and appreciate each other more.

So, kiss your partner twice a day for six seconds. That’s 84 seconds a week. Make the six second kiss a habit in your relationship and you will be amazed how it transforms your relationship.

Matthew Kelly

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