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The Work-Life Balance Myth

The work-life balance discussion was doomed from the start. Why? Because the concept itself is fatally flawed. Why? Because your work is part of your life. A big part of your life. In fact, we tend to spend more time working each day than we spend doing anything else.

So, when companies started asking employees if they had work-life balance, they were essentially saying, “You’re work isn’t part of your life, and you spend more time working than anything else, how do you feel about that?” No surprise that people didn’t feel great about that.

You cannot separate work from life. They are intimately linked. If you have a great day at work, you bring that energy home with you. If you are experiencing stress in your personal life, you bring that stress to work with you.

Work-life balance is a myth. Next time you think you want it, drill down a little deeper, and work out what it is that you really want.

Matthew Kelly

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