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The World Needs More Philosophers

My son Walter asked me once, “What is a philosopher?” “A philosopher is a lover of wisdom,” I explained to him. Over the years this phrase has become a favorite saying in the family.

One of the children might ask, “Why are we talking about this… or reading this… or doing this?” And I will reply, because your mother and I are raising you to be… and they will reply, “Lovers of wisdom.”

So, let me ask you, are you a lover of wisdom?

It would seem to me that whatever good hopes and dreams we have for our country and the world, we are all going to need more wisdom to bring those hopes and dreams about.

The place we give wisdom in our lives and in our culture is highly predictive of the future. The sad reality is that wisdom often doesn’t have much of a place in our lives or society. Opinions, agendas, and preferences all seem to be more loved and celebrated than wisdom at this time.

Are you a lover of wisdom or are you in love with your opinions, agendas, and preferences?

What area of your life is most in need of wisdom?

In what way are you being nudged, called, encouraged to adopt the path of the wise at this time in your life?

The world needs more lovers of wisdom, and so, we have a decision to make. Are we going to be lovers of our opinions, agendas, and personal preferences? Or are we going to become lovers of wisdom? The future of everything depends on how we answer this question.

Matthew Kelly

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