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There's Nothing Quite Like A Dream

Nothing animates people like chasing down a dream. The passion and energy that are the telltale signs of this animation cannot be confined to one area of our lives. Both the positive and the negative of our personal and professional lives flow freely between our life at home and our life at work. When people are chasing their dreams personally, the positive energy that is generated spills over into their professional lives.

And finally, helping someone else accomplish a dream gives us a satisfaction that rivals the fulfillment we experience when we achieve our own dreams. People are enormously grateful to the people who help them live their dreams, and that gratitude between team members makes them willing to go the extra mile for one another.

An organization changes when the habits of the people who make up that organization change. Get your people in the habit of pursuing and achieving dreams in their personal lives and they will be much more effective at chasing down the goals and dreams you place before them in the workplace. Achieving dreams is a habit.

Matthew Kelly

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