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These Habits DRAIN Your Energy!

What’s draining your energy? We all have habits that drain our energy. Some of them we are aware of and some of them we participate in unconsciously.

Here are 21 things that could be draining your energy. Pick three to work on. And remember, you can watch the video on my YouTube channel, click here!

1. Negativity.

2. Bad posture.

3. Not drinking enough water.

4. Lack of direction and priorities.

5. Forgetting to breathe deeply.

6. Sugar, Caffeine, and Alcohol.

7. Not taking a break.

8. Checking email first thing in the morning.

9. Taking things personally that are not personal.

10. Social media.

11. The news.

12. Worrying about things you cannot influence.

13. Sleeping too much.

14. Poor diet choices.

15. Complaining.

16. Noise.

17. Light.

18. Fear or anxiety.

19. Lack of exercise or too much exercise.

20. Perfectionism.

21. Making a big deal out of little things.

22. Skipping breakfast.

23. Never taking a real vacation.

24. Alcohol before bed.

25. Checking email before bed.

26. Your attitude.

27. Clutter and disorganization.

28. Too much food or not enough food.

29. Stress.

30. Lack of self-esteem.

31. Saying yes to things you know you should say no to.

32. Half finishing tasks.

33. Gossiping.

34. Toxic people and unhealthy relationships

35. Trying to please others constantly.

36. Ruminating on the past.

37. Not moving enough.

38. Resentment.

39. Worrying about what people think about you.

40. Watching TV that drains you emotionally and beats you up psychologically.

41. Planning too far into the future.

Okay, that was 41, not 21, I got carried away. But here’s the thing. Everyday there are an unlimited number of people and activities out to steal your energy if you let them. Don’t let them.

Have a great day… and remember, don’t just be yourself, be the-best-version-of-yourself!”

Matthew Kelly

Watch the video!

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