Amazing Possibilities!

Each day is filled with so many amazing opportunities to live, learn, and love. Most of the writing I do is long form. Books. But most of my ideas are short-form. They are not big enough ideas to justify a book, or even a chapter of a book. Besides a blog seems much more relational and fun. Hope you enjoy it and that you will share your favorite posts with your friends, colleagues at work, and your family. 

Unlock Your Potential

“I am who I am,” some people say. But this is a half-truth. You are who you are, but you are also who you are capable of becoming—and you have amazing potential. You may not see it. You may feel stuck or trapped, and you may be right now. But you do not have to stay stuck or trapped. God and your potential are ready to pull you out of all that with this new habit of daily prayer. Our potential is unleashed with new habits. Habits unlock our potential, and no habit does this like daily prayer. Matthew Kelly

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