Amazing Possibilities!

Wake Your Spirit

There are so many small, ordinary things you and I can do

each day to remind people that the goodness and generosity,

thoughtfulness and compassion that make the human spirit

great are alive and well. Life is always presenting a steady stream

of these opportunities to collaborate with God and create holy


Each is a chance to let people know that somebody

cares, sometimes with a small gesture and sometimes in more

significant ways. That is what the saints did. They collaborated with God and unleashed goodness, generosity, thoughtfulness, and compassion wherever they went. You can do that too.

The human spirit may be asleep, but it is not dead. Let’s awaken

the greatness of the human spirit, starting with you and me.

Wake your spirit. Wake up spiritually and start to live life on a

whole new level.

Matthew Kelly

From Rediscover the Saints Click Here To Get Your Copy!


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