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What is Essentialism?

Essentialism is about giving priority to what matters most and letting go of what matters least. It’s about asking the question: What is essential for your health, happiness, and wholeness? And it’s about choosing the people and things that are essential for your health, happiness, and wholeness over the many trivial and superficial time and energy vampires that suck all the passion and purpose from life.

Are you ready to give priority to what is essential? Are you ready to start saying no to all the stuff that in the long run won’t mean anything to anyone? Does the idea appeal to you? Does just hearing about it stir your soul? Then maybe, just maybe, it’s time you became an essentialist.

Maybe a little less in almost every area of your life is the secret to the rare fulfillment that we all yearn for but so few of us find.

Matthew Kelly

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