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Who Were You Created To Be?

Each and every one of us must make this same journey from

the expectations of others to the celebration of self. There is nothing

wrong with being a soldier or a priest. But if you were born to

become an artist and instead you became a soldier, that would be

a tragedy. To become who you were created to be is the only thing

that matters and is the only true and lasting success. A woman

could become the greatest president her nation has ever seen, but

if she were more suited to be a high school teacher, she would feel

an inner discomfort her whole life.

It is this inner discomfort that we must identify and root out.

The great challenge is not to succeed but rather to discover

what your unique abilities are and offer them to the world in the

best way you can. To feel at home with who you are and where you

are and what you are doing is worth more than all the treasures

and pleasures money can buy. Worldly success and material gain

are easy by comparison. The real challenge is not the quest for success but the quest to create inner comfort by being faithful to who

we truly are.

Matthew Kelly

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