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Who You Become is More Important than What You Do

One of the strange and false ideas that are propagated in the modern world is that an important and successful person is always busy. Another of those strange ideas is that material success is the measure of greatness. Many people judge others, and are judged themselves, by how busy they are and how much money they earn. The result is that many rush around in a frenzy, dressed in designer label clothes, trying to give the appearance that they are busy and earning a lot of money - after all, these are the signs of success!

The cost of such a lifestyle is the loss of the necessary consistency and rhythm in our lives. The cost of this type of success is often the loss or failure to find one's very self - our truest and deepest desires, talents, dreams, needs, and the necessary pursuit of these. Sadly, with our focus fixed so firmly on these other, less important, almost inconsequential things, many of us are completely unaware of what we have lost or are missing.

We need to dedicate ourselves to our development as a person - body, heart, mind, and soul. There is nothing more important in life. I know it, you know it, but we let the things we do get in the way. We get carried away with doing. We become human doings. Life is about being and becoming. We must remind ourselves continually that there is nothing more important than our development as human beings. 

I used to think I was busy, but then I met one or two people who were really busy. The thing I learned from these people who truly did have an enormous amount of work and responsibility is that they have order. They have a rhythm. They know their priorities and resist sacrificing their health - physically, emotionally, intellectually, or spiritually - merely for a couple of hours' extra work or a few more dollars. 

Rhythm and order create harmony and efficiency.

From The Rhythm of Life

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