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Yearning For Energy

Everything in life requires energy. No energy, no life. And that’s why I began with the idea that your experience of life expands with the more energy you have. Now, I won’t speak for you, but I am all about increasing my capacity for life. I love the idea of increasing my capacity to love my wife and children. I love the fact that I can increase my capacity for my work and the other hobbies I am passionate about. Interestingly, if you make a real effort to increase your energy levels, you will notice what I call the energy effect on your life. You will win more business or projects. You will have more friends. Your colleagues will want your advice and input more often. Your clients and customers (internal and external) will enjoy working with you more. You will become more fun loving, and your spouse or partner will enjoy your company more. Your children will gravitate toward you and your ideas. Your friends and neighbors will want to know your secret. The whole world yearns for energy and is attracted to the people, places, things, and activities that have that energy. Matthew Kelly

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