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#1 Exercise to Flex Your Dreaming Muscles

Janet from Birmingham, Alabama: I realized during your dream session that I stopped dreaming a while ago. What advice do you have for someone in that situation? Wow, great question. So this happens a lot. It happens a lot. So the first thing is not to think, oh, I'm different or there's something wrong with me or anything like that. You know, interestingly, the most I see this among is probably among professional sports people.

You know, they they they dream their whole lives of playing in the NFL or the MLB or whatever it is. And then they get there and they realize that's the only dream they've had the whole life and they stop dreaming. And so it's very common. I think others I mean, a lot of moms and dads that get into the hustle and bustle of everyday life and and they stop dreaming because they're just surviving, you know. And so it is a very common thing. I encourage you just to return to the dreaming, to start with little dreams.

Put together a bunch tonight. Maybe you put together big ones, but over the next few days, just jot down a couple of smaller dreams, things you can chase after, you know, relatively quickly start to stretch those dream muscles again, because it's amazing how chasing dreams invigorates us and floods our lives with joy.

Matthew Kelly

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