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1 Habit That Will CHANGE Your Life

Great questions coming in, Matthew. There's some great stuff here. I wish we could do this for like twenty four hours. Let's go to some of these that are a little more personal. Let's not do that. Let's take a break and I'll ask you a personal question.

Yeah, here's my question. It's not it's not that's not in the contract is my first question. You know, you do so much for us here at Dunovant Catholic. And you're serious about this? I am. Oh, OK. Switching channels. You do so much for us here at Dynamic Catholic, especially the Bible study said enormous impact on me, enormous impact on so many of my friends. I think a lot of people don't understand or don't realize or never heard.

You know, you have your Ph.D. in scripture from Yale. You're incredibly passionate about the scriptures. They've obviously had enormous impact on your life. And I've never met anyone more passionate about sharing that passion. With other people, where did that come from? You know, I didn't grow up studying scripture in our in our house or in our family.

It was certainly present because we went to church. I grew up Protestant, and it wasn't until I was twenty four, twenty five years old. And I became a part of a very, very, very life giving Bible study. And what I found, it wasn't about the information I was getting, it wasn't about the history or the dates or the geography of it, it was as I really began to study the scriptures, in particular the gospels, it really became a love for me.

And my my my conversion went from about a two or three to a seven or an eight because I discovered the tremendous power in the scriptures that I never knew was there. And it just sort of I mean, this sounds like a trite cliche, but open up a whole new world to me. And it was like I entered into I guess you can almost say I entered into the Kingdom of God in a way that I had not before. And I just began to fall in love more and more with Scripture.

And through that, I think I kind of discovered my calling to help people find the tremendous treasure in the gospel and the love in God's relationship there in scripture, because a lot of times we just see it as an old book or an irrelevant book or something. We don't understand. It seems like it takes work. And it's so life giving is I mean, when you talk about game changers, that's a game changer. You know, you talk oftentimes about the habit of maybe reading the gospel each day, maybe the gospel ring for the mass each day.

Just doing that changes your life. Just doing that, just spending time and not not hurriedly reading it, but spending time in it change your life.

Matthew Kelly

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