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11 Signs You are an Empathetic Person

Empathy is a sign that you care about other people, that the well-being and happiness of other people matters to you. It’s all about being able to tune into other people’s feelings and emotions.

Here are 11 Signs You are an Empathetic Person:

1. You are a good listener.

2. You have a keen sense of how other people are feeling.

3. You care deeply about other people.

4. You go out of your way to help others who are suffering.

5. People are comfortable opening up to you and sharing their problems.

6. Tragic events, even those that you are not directly involved in, stir a sadness in your soul and can even feel overwhelming.

7. Social situations sometimes drain or overwhelm you.

8. You consider what feelings your words and actions will provoke in others.

9. You struggle to set and maintain boundaries in relationships with other people.

10. You sense when people are being dishonest.

11. Other people seek you out for advice.

Empathy is a sign of high emotional intelligence. In our quest to become the-best-version-of-ourselves empathy is an indispensable tool.

Matthew Kelly

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