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3 Things to LET GO of That Will IMPROVE Your Relationship

Relationships are challenging. Taking two people with different experiences, memories, and hopes, to join their lives is difficult. There are going to be daily challenges. But the destiny of your relationship will be determined by one thing: Your decision to focus on the positive or the negative.

If you choose to focus on the positive you will also work on improving as a human being, in addition to improving your relationship. Learning to let go is essential to all this.

Here are 3 ways to let go:

1. LET GO… of what other people think. Let go of what they think about you. As a good friend reminds me often… What other people think about you is none of your business. Most people are too busy thinking about themselves to spend time thinking about you.

2. LET GO… of taking things personally. Other people have personal preferences, hopes, dreams, needs, and desires. They have good days and bad days.

3. LET GO… of your past. You are not your past. You can’t change it. Learn from it and move on.

Learning to let go is an essential life skill.

So, let go of every other version of yourself… embrace, celebrate, and enjoy the best version of yourself.

Matthew Kelly

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