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3 TOP Reasons To Be Spontaneous

We live busy lives with packed schedules, and sometimes we can feel like slaves to the many, many things that demand our time and attention. That’s why from time to time, we all need a little spontaneity.

Here are 3 reasons spontaneity is good for you:

1. Spontaneity makes us more creative. And creativity isn’t just for artists and writers, it is for mothers and fathers, friends and lovers, employees and leaders.

2. Spontaneity is the antidote for stress. Lots of our stress comes from holding onto the same thing for too long. That thing might be a project, it might be a toxic thought, it might be a depleting routine. Spontaneity allows us to let go, and as we do our stress drains away.

3. Spontaneity teaches us to be flexible. Being overly rigid prevents us from being present to the moment, leads to unnecessary conflict in relationships, and leads us to value process over substance, thus missing out on what matters most. Spontaneity is proof that you are capable of being flexible.

Spontaneity is an amazing thing.

When was the last time you did something truly spontaneous? Has it been too long? Do something wonderfully spontaneous this weekend. Do it with someone you love, or do it on your own. But do it. It will refresh your soul.

Matthew Kelly

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