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4 TOXIC Habits That Are Killing Your Self-Worth

One thing that never ceases to amaze me is how universal our struggle with self-worth is as human beings. I have met some of the most famous and successful people in the world, and it’s amazing how low their sense of self-worth is. I have met some of the most beautiful and talented people in the world, and it’s amazing how much they struggle with issues related to self-worth.

Here are 4 toxic habits that may be killing your self-worth:

1. Comparing yourself to other people. Comparisons are worthless in a world of beautifully unique individuals. And comparing ourselves to others leads us to think about all we are not rather than all we are.

2. Thinking you know what other people are thinking about you. Perhaps you think they don’t like you, perhaps you think they are looking down on you and judging you, perhaps you think they think they are better than you. The truth is, most people don’t have that much time to think about you because they are too busy thinking about themselves.

3. Setting unrealistic expectations for yourself. Most people over-estimate what they can accomplish in a day, so even if they accomplish a great many things, they still feel they have failed. This is just one simple example, but this approach bleeds into every aspect of our lives. Start setting reasonable expectations.

4. Judging yourself by the worst thing you ever did. People are not who they were on their best day or their worst day. We are all more dynamic and more complicated and more wonderful than that. It’s time to let go of your worst day and move on to create some more best days.

How we feel about ourselves impacts how we relate with others. How we feel about ourselves impacts our physical health. And how we feel about ourselves is much more within our influence than we sometimes realize.

Matthew Kelly

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