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6 SIMPLE Ways to Break Through Resistance and Achieve Your Dreams

Do you ever feel like you are your own worst enemy? Have you ever thought you could accomplish great things if only you weren’t so busy with so many little things? Do you struggle to make decisions with confidence? Are you tired of setting goals and not accomplishing them? Do you procrastinate? Are you afraid to say what you really think and feel?

If you’ve ever tried to accomplish anything worthwhile, then you’ve been face-to-face with resistance. You may not have called it by that name in the past, but I suspect you will in the future. It helps to call it by its name. In every moment of every day, resistance is there, waiting to pounce.

Here are 6 ways to breakthrough resistance and stop being your own worst enemy:

1. Just do the next right thing.

2. Let go of the past and be in the moment.

3. Don’t worry about the future today.

4. Know when enough is enough.

5. Take time to play.

6. Listen to that quiet voice within you.

And remember, don’t just be yourself, become the best version of yourself!

Matthew Kelly

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