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7 Ways To Move From Being Selfish to Selfless

Hardly anyone would disagree that selfishness is on the rise in our society. Every day we read about it in the news, hear accounts from our friends, or experience for ourselves the damage caused by selfish people doing selfish things.

But what most people haven’t considered is that selfish actions only account for a small percentage of the overall selfishness at work in our society today. Rather, it is selfish inaction, the selfless things you and I choose not to do, that cause the most damage, or rather prevent the most good from taking place.

I get it, nobody likes to think of themselves as selfish, but from time-to-time, you and I are certainly guilty of not doing things that could bring about good in someone else’s life.

Here are 7 ways to move from being selfish, to selfless.

#1 Do something good for someone else, without taking credit.

#2 Put someone else’s needs ahead of your own, even just for a day.

#3 Listen, really listen when someone else is speaking.

#4 Stand up for someone who is being bullied.

#5 Give a compliment.

#6 Volunteer your time at a soup kitchen.

#7 Forgive generously.

I know a lot of very selfish people, but I don’t know any selfish people who are happy.

Pick whichever one of these you struggle with most and focus on living more intentionally and selflessly in that one area of your life with every passing day. And remember, don’t just be yourself… be the-best-version-of-yourself.

Matthew Kelly

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