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Batteries Included

I grew up in Australia with my parents and seven brothers.

As you can imagine, Christmas morning was an interesting

affair. We would all wake up ridiculously early, sit at the top

of the stairs, and elect one brother to wake our parents up.

That brother would be told to go back to bed, and we would

wait twenty minutes and then elect another brother. Eventually

our parents would get up, and we were then allowed to go

downstairs and open our Christmas presents. With the eight

of us opening gifts there was always wrapping paper flying


Each year someone would get a gift that had a minuscule

note on the box reading batteries not included, which my

parents had failed to see. In those days—and

it was not that long ago—nothing was open on Christmas Day, and so one of us had our prized gift but was not able to play with it.

Some people are like that. If you look closely, they come with

a little sign that says batteries not included. Nobody wants

to manage these people. Nobody wants these people on their

team. Nobody wants these people as their spouse, neighbor,

friend, or colleague. They suck all the energy out of everything.

Decide to be a “batteries included” person at work, in your

marriage, in relation to your health and well-being,

in your personal finances, and in any other area of life that is important to you. Start to influence the level of energy that you are experiencing and sharing with others, and your life will expand accordingly.

More energy means more satisfaction. The more you

are able to increase your energy level, the more you will increase

the levels of personal and professional satisfaction you enjoy

and can share with others.

Matthew Kelly

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Walter P
Walter P
Aug 28, 2021

Thannks for a great read

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