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Comfortable LIES Vs. Uncomfortable TRUTHS: The Key to Real Happiness

We usually experience various forms of discomfort when we lie. But if we tell a lie often enough those uncomfortable feelings tend to fade, and in time, we could become quite comfortable telling a lie.

And we usually think about lying in relation to the lies we tell others, but it may be that the most damaging lies are those we tell ourselves. Worse than that we use lies to comfort ourselves.

When was the last time you lied? Some of the most common lies in society today are: lying about why you were late; saying you are on your way when you haven’t left yet; telling others you are not drunk when you clearly are; saying you have done something you promised to do when you have not; lying about your age; telling others everything is okay when it isn’t; and, I never got your message.

We justify our little lies, but the truth is, the more we lie to others the more we are likely to lie to ourselves, and the more comfortable we get with lies the more delusional and dissatisfying our lives become.

Then we start telling ourselves lies to comfort ourselves. What are some examples? I could do that if I really wanted to… I’m just no good at that… I’m unlucky… I just don’t have time to… That’s just who I am… I will be happy when…

Beware the lies that comfort you.

Every day we choose between comforting lies and unpleasant truths. Real happiness begins with being brutally honest with yourself.

Matthew Kelly

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