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Do Something To Fall in Love With Life Again

Do you love your life? Take some time to think about that today. Resist the temptation to rush to judgement. Sit with the question, really sit with it.

If the answer is yes, great, but test your answer. What is it that you love about your life? Is it your family and friends, things you have done or adventures you are looking forward to, lessons you have learned and people who helped you learn them? Perhaps it is the sheer gift of life itself? Or the Giver of the gift?

If you sit with the question and come to the conclusion that you don’t love your life, that’s okay. Coming to that realization sooner rather than later is highly preferable. Now, the question becomes, what are you going to do about it?

Plenty of people wake up one day and realize they don’t love their lives. Few do something about it. Decide right now to be one of the few.

Do something today to fall in love with life again.

Matthew Kelly

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