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Do You Need to CLEAR Your Conscience?

The idea of a clear conscience may seem old-fashioned, but it is one of life’s simple pleasures and the secret to the deep joy we crave.

When I was a child, I never wondered what was the right or the wrong thing to do. I just knew. Something within me told me. It seems that most people can relate to a similar experience at some time in their lives. As children, we know deep within ourselves how we should act in certain situations. We don’t always act that way, but we know. The most common name we give that gentle voice within us is conscience.

There is a lot to be said for a clear conscience. The idea doesn’t get much airtime these days, but there is a tremendous tranquility born from knowing that you are doing the right thing for the right reasons.

Take some time today to seek the counsel of that gentle voice within you and realign your life with whatever it tells you.

Matthew Kelly

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