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Don’t Settle for SAFE: Follow Your Star!

Throughout my life, so many people have encouraged me to follow my star… my parents and grandparents, my brothers and friends, coaches, teachers, and mentors. We all need a little encouragement now and then. We all need to be encouraged to follow our star…

Following your star is about discovering who you truly are, what you are capable of, and what you are here for. Following your star is about learning to be yourself. You need to be prepared to dare to be different in a world where uniformity is safe and rewarded. Search yourself. Discover something deep within that is yours and yours alone.

Uncover your uniqueness. Your chance at fulfillment is intrinsically linked to being yourself. Become a champion of selfhood and you will meet with unimagined success.

Everyone is good at something. We all have talents and abilities that are unique and different. These gifts are the key to great happiness in our lives and are the leading indicators in the search to discover our mission in life. Seek out your gifts and talents. Allow them to lead you to the life you were created to live.

Matthew Kelly

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