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Ennoble People

Every expression of generosity announces boldly, “I see you. I hear you. You matter. I am with you. I care.”

Every act of generosity ennobles another human being. Generosity is a deeply personal and loving response to the needs of other human beings. It announces to the world: “You matter. Your dignity matters. Your nobility as a human being matters.”

When we celebrate generosity, we ennoble others and embrace our own nobility. This is the genius of generosity: it brings the best out of us as human beings, ennobles us at a time when so much caters to our lowest self and debases us.

And so it is, we begin to see, that generosity is much more than a “random act of kindness.” Generosity is anything but random. It is a focused and intentional effort to chart a new course for humanity and the planet we live on.

So, on this day of Resurrection, may God fill you with the grace to embrace a bold new generosity.

Now, here is today’s generosity habit… and my personal challenge to you as our journey together draws to a close.

Make it a personal ambition to become more generous with every passing day. The mistake we easily make in this area of life is to compare our generosity to the generosity of others. Ernest Hemingway observed, “There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”

I hope each night when you lay your head on your pillow, you discover that you are more generous today than yesterday, but not as generous as you hope to be tomorrow.

Set out to become the most generous person possible. Astound people with your generosity. Live a life of staggering generosity. Set out to do the most good for the most people. This is life’s mandate. And if you listen carefully, you will discover this is what your soul is summoning you to.

Don’t just be yourself, be your most generous self. Don’t just dabble in generosity, live a life of staggering generosity.

Happy Easter! May the Resurrection of Jesus fill you with new life, and may God bless you and all those you love this Easter. It has been an honor to make this journey through Lent with you. I hope you have had your BEST LENT EVER!

Matthew Kelly

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