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Facebook HATES God!

Does Facebook hate God? It’s a good question.

They may never say it outright, but, as Jesus says in Matthew’s Gospel (7:17), “The bad tree bears evil fruit,” and the fruit of Facebook is rotten to the core.

Earlier this year, Facebook, recently re-branded as Meta, removed thousands of options available to advertisers to reach audiences based on many categories, with religion being one of the most affected.

What’s actually being restricted?

In Facebook’s own words, advertisers will no longer be able to reach audiences based on, and I quote, “targeting options referencing causes, organizations, or public figures that relate to health, race or ethnicity, political affiliation, religion, or sexual orientation.”

What does this mean? On a practical level, it means your church won’t be able to advertise its summer picnic to believers in your area. It means Christian authors and speakers can’t promote their books or events with other Christians!

Add to that the fact that Facebook’s algorithm deprioritizes religious content and the platform has a history of banning religious leaders. So, with all this in mind, I don’t think it’s a bold claim to say that Facebook hates God.

Under the guise of inclusivity, Facebook is targeting Christians and people of all faiths, creating barriers to community and making it harder than ever to share our faith with others.

Meanwhile, they are making it easier than ever to spread every type of deplorable and deviant message under the sun.

What is lost on many people, is that our post-modern secular culture consistently lumps God and religion in with other categories like politics, race, and sexual orientation. By doing so, they promote the idea that God and religion are not significant or special, they are some among many.

We live in a world increasingly run by algorithms, and those algorithms are not only atheist, they are intent on persecuting Christians.

Matthew Kelly

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