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Easter is More than a Day - From the Desk of Matthew Kelly

From the Desk of Matthew Kelly

Advice from a Priest: STOP WASTING RESOURCES! Transform your life on one of the oldest Christian pilgrimages in the world. Nature vs Nurture? 4 Ways to Make Easter more SPIRITUAL and FRUITFUL! All of this and more in this week’s Inspiration!

2. Nature vs Nurture? How about…NEITHER!

3. Advice from a Priest: STOP WASTING RESOURCES

4. You Have 2 Options: Which Will You Choose? - Feed Your Soul: Gospel Reflections

5. Faith Under Fire. Dramatic stories of CHRISTIAN COURAGE.

6. WALK WHERE JESUS WALKED. Our Holy Land trips for 2024 are filling up fast. Register today.

“Inspiration brings the best out of us. Inspiration plays a critical role in our lives. It can be the difference between feeling fully alive and the drudgery of slogging your way through another day.” - Matthew Kelly, Life Is Messy

Have a great week!


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PPS - If you missed the last edition, click here.

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Matthew Kelly is a New York Times Bestselling author, spiritual leader, entrepreneur, and thought leader. Check out his blog, Amazing Possibilities.



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