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Generosity Is a Virtue

Generosity is a virtue, and it is a virtue for our times. Our lives only genuinely and sustainably improve when we grow in virtue, and a culture only genuinely and sustainably improves when the people who make up that culture grow in virtue. The bottom line is this: If we want things to improve we need to focus on virtue.

Virtue is also a path to generosity. Are you generous with virtue? For example, you may be patient with the people in your life, but is it a forceful, grit your teeth patience, or is it a lavish and generous patience? The same is true with kindness, forgiveness, humility, perseverance, compassion, and honesty. Are you generous or stingy with your virtue? Do you share it lavishly with the world?

There are a thousand creative ways to activate generosity in our lives. Each and every single one will make you a better person, and the world a better place. Generosity is a virtue, and it is a virtue for our times.

Now, here is today’s generosity habit.

Who do you know who needs a break? Everyone needs a break from time to time, but when we are amid life’s daily pressures, we may not recognize that. Those around us will likely see it before we do. If you see that someone needs a break, and you can give them a break for fifteen minutes, an hour, or an afternoon, do that. It’s amazing how even fifteen minutes to catch our breath and collect our thoughts can make all the difference.

Matthew Kelly

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