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Generosity Is Creative

Human beings are astoundingly creative. One of the great deceptions is the idea that some people are creative, and others are not. This is pure nonsense. Everyone is creative. Human beings are by their very nature creative. Some people have explored and developed their creativity, and other people haven’t, usually because someone told them when they were relatively young that they were not creative people.

You are a creative person. Generosity is proof that every person is capable of being fantastically creative. Once we decide to live an intentionally generous life, we come up with creative ways to be generous.

Generosity is wildly creative. It is always looking for new and interesting, kind, loving, and thoughtful ways to manifest. Listen to the spirit of generosity within you. Allow it to lead you. Generosity is one of the most creative forces within you.

Every day in this series we are exploring new and creative ways to be generous. You have probably never considered some of these as acts of generosity, but they are.

Now, here is today’s generosity habit.

Get creative with your generosity today… make it personal and powerful. Call someone just to say hello, tip like you’ve never tipped before, ask the people you love about their hopes and dreams, give someone an unexpected gift, compliment someone who least expects it, save a life by donating blood, smile generously, give someone a life-changing book, be a generous lover, make someone’s day, thank someone for influencing your life, be happy for others when good things happen for them, tell someone you love having them in your life!

Unleash the creativity of your generosity today and take note of how it makes you feel. Does it energize you, fill you with enthusiasm for life, make you feel more fully alive? I think you’ll discover it does.

Matthew Kelly

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