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Amazing Possibilities!

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God Shows Us Our Potential

I was reading a philosophy book, you know, many, many years ago, and they're talking about being and the being of this and the being of that, and if you're not a lover of philosophy, you probably pick up a philosophy book and get, you know, sleepy fairly quickly. But one of the things I love about philosophy and the concept of being. Is the idea that.

The being of something that is changeable. So your essence, your being is not only. What it is today, but what it still can be, you've got this potential, you know, when we look at kids, we see all this potential. But I don't know, at some point when people get a little bit older, we stop seeing potential, we stop seeing potential in ourselves, we stop seeing potential in other people.

We start looking for potential in ourselves, and God never does. God sees potential in you potentially. You've never seen potential. You've never considered God sees amazing possibilities in you. He sees things you don't see. You know, when you go to the grocery store and you're walking down the aisle, you're. You're looking for toothpaste, you're going down the toothpaste aisle.

How many different brands of toothpaste do you think there are in the average grocery store? Considering that Coalgate is just one all the 50 million different Colgate's to just one, Chris is just one. The sixteen hundred different Chris. Just one. How many different brands of toothpaste do you think they are? I've done the exercise with a whole bunch of groups over the years and get a group of people together, they usually come up with eight or nine, 10 or 12.

But the reality is there's well over 30 different brands of toothpaste in the average supermarket aisle. We don't see them. We walked down the aisle. We pick up our box. We don't see the words on the box, why bright, clean, fresh, we don't see these words, we pick up our box, you see Alcala, we take our color box off the shelf.

And we put it in our car. And off we go. We don't see the others we're so used to taking that path and getting that box off the shelf and putting it in a car, we don't see the rest. We're blind to those all those other possibilities. Hundreds of different toothpastes, we don't see them. Same thing happens in our lives most of the time we don't see most of the possibilities before us, someone comes to you and says, I've got a big decision to make.

What's the decision? I've got to decide between doing this and doing that. The reality is there's probably hundreds of other options they haven't considered when you and I make a decision, we tend to hone in on a couple of options really quickly, but there are hundreds of possibilities that we don't see. Why does God invite us into a relationship ?

Why does God challenge us to spend sacred time each day in prayer and reflection so that we can realize our potential, so that he can open our eyes to our potential, so that he can open our eyes to our amazing possibilities, so that we can go out into the world. Become the best version of ourselves, live the incredible life that God created us to live.

Matthew Kelly

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