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How To Find Your TRUEST Self

The biggest mistake we make when we set out to find ourselves is to think that we need to do something. If we are looking to find ourselves it means we are confused and in search of clarity. Some people set off to travel the world in a quest to find themselves and most fail, because the adventure becomes a distraction to the work at hand: finding themselves.

I will share with you the secret to finding yourself. Do nothing. Find a quiet room, a comfy chair, and sit in silence. Do this every day for as long as you can spare, and I promise, you will see visions and dream dreams, and your best, truest, most gifted and capable self will emerge.

Clarity emerges from silence. What could be more important than finding yourself? Everyone who loves and cares for you wants that for you, and it is a sign of wisdom that you want it for yourself. Give yourself the gift of silence each day and your unique and wonderful self will emerge. It has no choice.

Matthew Kelly

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