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I Can Do So Little

“I can do so little,” I hear people say. This may be true. But people ask all the time, “How did the world get to be such a mess?” The answer is so simple and personally convicting that we reject it. The world got to be such a mess because millions of people like you and I didn’t do their part.

Your part may be small. I don’t know. You don’t either. We never really know until we start doing it. Mother Teresa didn’t set out to become a global icon and champion of the poorest of the poor. She just set out to do her part.

Do your part. Large or small. Do not let your part become another one of the mindless millions of parts that were abandoned. Decide today, right here, that the world will be a better place because you were here, that you will not let your part go undone. Say it to yourself, out loud, “I will not let my part be left undone.”

When they are dying, most people regret not having been more generous. There are some regrets that creep up on us in life, but this is not one of them. Choose to live the rest of your life generously.

Now, here is today’s generosity habit.

Give someone an afternoon of carefree timelessness. Carefree timelessness is time together without an agenda. Pick a day, block off a few hours, don’t plan anything, and when that day comes around decide how to spend the afternoon together in carefree timelessness. Do something or do nothing, go somewhere or not, walk, talk, dance, sing, read to each other, watch a movie. Just be with each other.

Generosity is possible.

Matthew Kelly

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