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Is Your Business Thriving?

“Your organization can only become the-best-version-of-itself to the extent that the people who are driving your organization are becoming better-versions-of-themselves.”

We base all our consulting, training, and coaching on this principle. We call it the FLOYD Philosophy. And we offer it to you now as a principle to organize your Dynamic Culture around. Whatever your mission is, whatever your organization is trying to accomplish—grow your people! It is the essence of building, growing, and sustaining a dynamic organizational culture.

The universality of this concept of striving to become the-best-version-of-ourselves transforms people, marriages, families, and communities—and it holds the power to transform your organization’s culture. It will do this in a thousand ways, but let’s briefly discuss three.

1. Decisiveness. This single principle alone makes organizations dynamic. Will what we are considering help this organization accomplish its mission and become the-best-version-of-itself? This question provides arresting clarity. Unhealthy cultures are indecisive; Dynamic Cultures are decisive.

2. Conflict and Unity. The-best-version-of-yourself principle creates unity by providing a common, unchanging purpose and a context for healthy conflict. Now we can argue for something rather than arguing against each other. This is no small thing. How organizations deal with conflict is one of the telltale signs of the health of their culture. If your mission is your constitution, this principle is your declaration of independence.

3. Clarity. The-best-version-of-yourself principle provides enduring clarity that Mission Is King. Most employees have an astounding lack of clarity about their organization’s mission and what their specific role is in fulfilling that mission.

Every business organizes around a principle. What principle is your business organizing around? Perhaps it’s time to place the-best-version-of-yourself at the center of everything you do.

Matthew Kelly

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