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Planning Leads to Priorities

The purpose of a Strategic Plan is to provide clarity around the mission and goals of an organization for a set period of time, usually one to three years.

A really good, dynamic Strategic Plan gives the whole organization clarity, direction, goals, and focus, if it is deployed correctly. Cascading the plan vertically and horizontally throughout the organization, from CEO to team leaders to front line employees in every department, helps each and every person understand how they can contribute to the success of the plan.

Every winning organization has mission and maintenance. Leaders of people who serve the mission in maintenance roles need to specifically and regularly reinforce the fact that the organization could not explore the next great opportunity if those people were not doing their roles and supporting the plan. All the work that goes into maintaining current systems and core offerings makes it possible for new opportunities to be explored. Ultimately this leads every person and every team to get very clear about what their priorities should be in order to ensure the success of the plan.

Every team member should be able to articulate what he or she is doing each day, week, month, quarter, and year to bring that plan to life. If they cannot, the probability of them accomplishing what is expected of them is close to zero.

Connect the dots. Show people how what they do helps the organization achieve its biggest goals this year and you get their attention in a new way. This type of clarity drives massive engagement among employees. Sharing the plan drives engagement. Priorities drive engagement. Transparency drives engagement. All four ignite trust—the corporate currency of our age—which in turn drives even greater engagement.

Matthew Kelly

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