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Question #4: What Are You Worried About?

Welcome back to 21 questions that will change your life.

Question #4 is about how we skip around between the past, present, and future… and how much of the now of life we miss out on by worrying about the future or getting tripped up in the past.

Question #4: How much of each twenty-four-hour period do you spend in the past, present, and future?

A great memory of time with friends from a few years back is a great way to spend a few moments of any day. Ruminating endlessly about something you did in the past or something that happened to you isn’t a great way to spend the precious now.

How much time did you spend lost in the past or the future yesterday? 10 minutes? An hour? Longer? Spend an hour a day lost in this type of worry about the future and ruminations of the past and it adds up. An hour a day means you spend two weeks a year doing just that.

What would you rather spend those two weeks doing this year? Every time you feel the past or the future pulling at you in unhealthy ways, turn your mind to the things would you rather spend those two weeks doing.

Matthew Kelly

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